The HFEA Dashboard

What is the HFEA Dashboard?

The HFEA Dashboard is a platform that provides comprehensive information on fertility treatments and outcomes in the United Kingdom. It is produced using data collected from licensed fertility clinics, as they are legally required to provide this data to the HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority). The HFEA dashboard uses the latest available HFEA data. The HFEA dashboard covers the period from 1991-2021 where data is available.

The main goal of the HFEA Dashboard is to improve transparency and accessibility in the data collected from clinics. Currently, the dashboard is in its beta version, and ongoing work is being done to ensure the clarity of statistics and to meet the requirements of users before the final product is released.

How to Access the Dashboard 

Visit via this link –¬† HFEA Dashboard

Instructional Video