Leaving the shops, bars and stylish streets of Marylebone behind, if you head towards the City of London there is a cluster of fertility clinics on the East side of town. These clinics make an ideal locations for those requiring IVF and working in the City of London or travelling into London from the East side of London.


Around the corner from London Bridge Station is the long-established Guys & St Thomas’s Hospital Assisted Conception Unit. Yacoub Khalaf and his team at Guys are well known for their expertise in Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) both in the UK and across Europe. PGD is a specific type of IVF treatment that helps people with an increased risk of having a child with certain genetic conditions. Over 1000 babies have been born from successful PGD treatment at Guys.


The Shard is one of London’s more breath taking landmarks. Inside the Shard are hotels, restaurants, bars and a rather convenient IVF satellite clinic. The Lister Fertility Clinic in South-West London helps those wishing to access their treatments by seeing patients in this rather handy satellite clinic. All the necessary appointments including scans and bloods tests can be performed to minimise travel across London to the main Lister clinic, apart for egg collection and embryo transfer.


The Centre for Reproductive Medicine at St Bartholomew’s Hospital is just a stroll from the Barbican, St Paul’s and Farringdon underground stations and is easily reached by other mainline rail services. It sees both NHS and private patients and is a successful centre offering all the main fertility treatments.


The Gennet City Fertility clinic treats private patients and is a part of the larger European group ‘FutureLife’, which own 27 clinics around Europe. This clinic is in the heart of the City of London and makes it super easy to reach if your work is in that area. This clinic has adapted and continues to operate despite the covid-19 pandemic, and is open for business working virtually wherever possible.


Create’s London clinic is situated in St Pauls’ and is the flagship clinic in this group. Led by Professor Geeta Nargund this clinic group specialises in natural/modified IVF treatments. Women who have low ovarian reserves (a reduced egg reserve) often like to consider this treatment option as it uses minimal medication. Create Fertility has achieved excellent success over the years and is a popular clinic choice for women particularly who might have responded poorly to standard stimulated IVF cycles.


Take a moment to compare your different fertility clinics options in the City and East side of London as the prices and success rates may vary. Some clinics have a rich heritage and have pioneered specific treatments so research this carefully on our pages. If you aren’t sure then contact us today and we can help show you the clinics closest to you.


If you don’t feel ready to take the step of booking into a clinic appointment take a look at our useful fertility pages focussing on some of the issues that can affect your fertility. It is easier than you think to get men’s and women’s fertility tests to confirm whether you egg reserve and sperm quality is normal.