By: Dr. Ed Coats

This week ‘Total Fertility’ have been at The American Society for Reproductive Medicine Scientific Congress & Expo in Philadelphia. This year’s meeting celebrates 75 years of science, innovation and history. More than 40 years after the birth of Louise Brown, the world’s first IVF baby, this expansive area of medicine continues to test the boundaries of what is known and what is possible.

ASRM 2019 - Ed Coats from Total Fertility

This Congress brings together experts from around the world to present the latest ideas and concepts in IVF and reproductive health. The quality of scientific papers in the areas of endometrial preparation, stimulation regimens and fertility preservation demonstrate that there is still much to discover.

Our November Research Update brings you some of the highlights.

By: Dr. Ed Coats

ASRM 2019 - The Next 75 Years


























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