Monitoring Male Fertility – Sports & Exercise (Podcast Episode 11)

“We thought why can’t we do something in the fertility space, automate the process and make use of the amazing computing and optics power we have in our pockets. And that is basically how ExSeed started. We saw first-hand how many men may feel uncomfortable about having a sperm test or miss appointments. So we thought let’s try to make it easier, more convenient and private.” - Morten Ulsted

  Men that regularly engage in different forms of sports and exercise may wonder if this is impacting on their fertility. In this episode we look at the important area of male factor fertility and the impact of sports and exercise. Most men who play sports are fertile but it affects some men more than others. If you need to check your fertility, there are now innovative home testing kits that can be used simply with a mobile phone discreetly to check your semen parameters. Morten G. Ulsted is CEO & Co-Founder of ExSeed Health. ExSeed i…
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