What does IVF Cost – Dr Raj Mathur (Podcast Episode 13)

“Ask what does the price include? Also ask the question, what does the price not include that I can still reasonably expect I will be asked to pay? Because you might be given a price for example and it might not include sedation for instance. Three-quarters of women would prefer to have sedation for their egg collection so it would be reasonable that you also want this and need to pay for it.” - Raj Mathur

Dr Raj Mathur is a Senior Fertility Consultant and a Consultant Gynaecologist with a long and established career in Reproductive Medicine. Dr Mathur has a unique understanding of the individual needs of both private and NHS patients, as the creator of Cambridge IVF clinic, which he established in the region before moving to Manchester in 2014. Raj is well published in the field of fertility on reducing the risks associated with treatment. Dr Mathur is chair of the British Fertility Society (BFS) and advisor to the HFEA and the Fe…
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