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To couples our service is 100% FREE to ensure they find the right fertility clinic for their needs.

To fertility clinics we operate via a REFERRAL METHOD to ensure complete transparency.

Just shy of 2500 people in the month (February 2020) came looking for fertility treatments on and in order to access these potential customers we encourage clinics to list their full details, success rates, primary costs, photos and more.

We ask clinics to offer a small discount on the consultation fee and we take a referral fee to pass on the relevant contact details when a patient wishes too book though us. How it works:

  1. A person finds your clinic listing on Total Fertility
  2. They decide to book a consultation via us, taking advantage of the consultation discount.
  3. They enter their contact details and pay securely on Total Fertility
  4. The contact details are sent directly to your clinic
  5. The clinic then follow-up with the person to arrange the appointment time & date.

Total Fertility Clinic Packages


On top of the brand awareness you receive from listing on Total Fertility in your local area, a percentage of the fees are re-invested into promoting Total Fertility as a whole using both traditional and digital media. The greater the number of clinics signed up from across the UK, the greater the overall marketing power. Over time, your investment will not only drive greater numbers of enquiries to your business, but also help bring some clarity to people confused over the treatments & success rates available to them at private fertility clinics across the UK.

How advertising revenue will be spent:

    1. Facebook & Google ads
    2. Print & Magazine ads
    3. Online Forums Bulletin Boards, Blogs and Email Newsletters
    4. Facebook Pages and Groups
    5. Fertility Podcast Creation

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