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On The Total Fertility Podcast we aim to grow your knowledge and understanding whatever stage you are at. We want to help you make informed decisions by connecting you to meaningful resources and experts in the field.

Whether you are choosing a fertility clinic for the first time, finding out about your entitlement to NHS funded treatment or perhaps exploring your fertility options then we provide all of this. Over the coming weeks we’ll be looking at how to get a head start with your fertility. We’ll be chatting with experts in their fields and tackling many of the difficult issues surrounding fertility treatment today.

Our host Ed Coats is a Consultant in Reproductive Medicine & Surgery. Having worked in the NHS for over 15 years before co-founding Total Fertility he divides his clinical work between Oxford and London, and is passionate about helping fertility patients achieve the best outcome.

Ed has been an Ambassador for The Wellbeing of Women Charity for over 10 years and writes and comments regularly for mainstream media having featured on several TV documentaries for BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and has walked to both the North and South Poles.


All Episodes (From Newest to Oldest)

Oli O'DonovanConsultant Gynaecologist; Mr Oli O’Donovan and Ed Coats discussing ‘Endometriosis and Fertility’ (Podcast Episode 16)




Professor Dame Lesley ReganProfessor Dame Lesley Regan and Dr Ed Coats talking about the importance of ‘Optimising Women’s Health’ (Podcast Episode 15)




Dr Sarah Armstrong FertilitySubspecialty trainee in Reproductive Medicine; Dr Sarah Armstrong discussing ‘Do Fertility Add-ons Add up?’ (Podcast Episode 14)




Dr Raj MathurSenior Fertility Consultant and  Consultant Gynaecologist Dr Raj Mathur talks to Ed about ‘The Costs of IVF’ (Podcast Episode 13)




Allan Pacey MBEAllan Pacey MBE, Professor of Andrology at The University of Sheffield on Male Factor Fertility & IVF (Podcast Episode 12)




Morten Ulsted Exseed Health TestingMorten Ulsted, CEO & Founder of ExSeed Health on Monitoring Male Fertility – Sports & Exercise (Episode 11)




Professor Greg Whyte OBE on Fertility & Pregnancy – Sports and Exercise – Part 2 (Episode 10)




Great Britain Pole Vaulter Ellie Kormis – Fertility & Pregnancy – Sports and Exercise – Part 1 (Episode 9)




Steve Parry Olympic SwimmerOlympic Swimmer Steve Parry & Fertility Specialist Professor Charles Kingsland – Male Fertility – What you need to know (Episode 8)




Mr George Christopoulos is the Medical Director of Ark IVF in Athens – Exploring Fertility Treatment Abroad (Episode 7)




Dr Ally Richardson, Consultant Gynaecologist and Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery – How does IVF work? (Episode 6)




Dr Louise Price GPDr Louise Price, GP and Specialist Doctor in Gynaecology – GP Management of Fertility – when to get checked? (Episode 5)




Claire Lomas mbeClaire Lomas MBE – Finding My Fertility – The Big Picture (Episode 4)




Nikki Turner Fertility Nurse

Nikki Turner, Fertility Nurse at Oxford Fertility – Living with Infertility (Episode 3)




Ken Hodson Head of UK Teratology

Dr Ken Hodson, Head of the UK Teratology Service – Covid-19, Fertility, Pregnancy & Vaccination (Episode 2)




Jheni Osman

Jheni Osman, Science Journalist & Presenter – Getting a Head Start in Fertility (Episode 1)




Total Fertility Podcast

Dr Ed Coats – The Total Fertility Podcast (Teaser)




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