Mira Ovulation Test

Mira uses lab-grade technology to measure 4 key fertility hormones through urine.

Mira Max Starter Kit Includes 10 Fertility MAX Wands (LH+E3G+PdG)

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Mira Fertility Review

Many couples try to conceive at the wrong time simply because they don’t know when their most fertile days are. Researchers found that only 12.7% of women estimated their ovulation time correctly and only 55% of women estimated their ovulation within their fertile window. The Mira ovulation test tracks key fertility hormone concentrations to give you personalised insights into your cycle and maximises your chances of getting pregnant.

Mira uses lab-grade tech and AI to learn about your unique hormone levels vs. one or two-line estimations. Even if your cycles are irregular, Mira gives you accurate, numerical readings automatically synced and analysed in the Mira App downloaded on your phone. Also, it provides a complete fertility picture by reading LH + E3G + PdG hormone levels, and the results are ready in less than 16 minutes!
You don’t get false positives or missed peaks with Mira because it learns about your cycle through time. Plus, you save time and money avoiding repetitive testing as with other ovulation predictor kits.

What information about my fertility to I receive from Mira’s analysis?

  • Tracks LH, E3G, PdG, and FSH
  • Identifies your 6 most fertile days
  • Predicts & confirms your ovulation
  • Translates your results into numbers

Mira Test Ovulation Window

Is there a Mira Discount or Promo Code?

Enter ‘TOTALFERTILITY40’ at the checkout for a £40 discount on the Mira ovulation self-test kits.

How to use the Mira ovulation test kit 

Order your home testing kit

  • Order today, receive your discreetly packaged testing kit tomorrow
  • Download the Mira App and create a personalised Mira account online in a few minutes

Open your testing kit

  • When the kit arrives, open it and read through the information

The App

    • Connect the Mira Analyser to the Mira App

When to Test

  • The Mira App shows green or grey dots on the calendar screen on days that you need to test.
  • Depending on your cycle length, testing can be done every day after your period or in 2-3 days.
  • If your Mira arrives toward the end of your cycle, simply start testing starting from the next one.
  • We recommend testing with first morning urine (FMU) for the most accurate results.
  • If testing with FMU is does not apply to your lifestyle, you can test anytime as long as you avoid drinking any liquid for at least 2 hours before testing. This is because the amount of liquid intake can give a negative impact on the test results.
  • f you get a positive ovulation reading in the morning, test again within the next 6 hours to be absolutely sure. Remember, hormonal surges often occur throughout the day. After a positive result, ovulation commonly occurs within the next 48 hours.

Access your test results

    • In app results are easy to access anywhere

How accurate is Mira’s home ovulation test kit?

Mira’s approach offers 99%* accuracy without pricking, travel time, or spending thousands of dollars. Get results in 21 minutes from home — forget having to ship your samples and waiting days to get your results. Mira uses fluorescence-based tech as used by scientists in the lab via immunochromatography with fluorescence labelling. *Mira internal study.

Cost of Mira Ovulation test

Enter ‘TOTALFERTILITY40’ at checkout for a £40 discount

Full price – £240.00 | Our price – £200.00

Order an ovulation test kit