“Poor metabolic health is the driver for almost all modern diseases and when I say modern diseases I’m meaning conditions which if you went back 100 years would have been rare but are now common, and these are conditions such as type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes, fatty liver, dementia, strokes, some cancers and including some fertility problems.”

– Dr Campbell Murdoch

Dr Campbell Murdoch

Dr Campbell Murdoch is a GP with a special interest in metabolic health. He is the Medical Director of the Preventative Healthcare Group, an organisation focused on preventing and reversing modern diseases. He is also a clinical director for primary care in the NHS and works with Combe Grove in Bath providing metabolic health retreats.

Campbell’s focus is on delivering services that enable people to measure and understand their metabolic health, allowing them to make informed choices to achieve rapid health improvement.

Benefits include reversal of conditions of such as Type 2 diabetes. In addition; achieving sustainable weight loss, can help with improvements in conditions such as PCOS and fertility.


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