Men’s Fertility Investigations

Semen Analysis

Male infertility is commonly due to abnormalities in the sperm. A semen analysis test examines a number of important parameters in a man’s ejaculate… Read more


The male hormones of interest, are the ones responsible for controlling the production of testosterone and sperm in the testes. Luteinising Hormone (LH) causes the testicles… Read more


If a man is found to have no sperm in the ejaculate (Azoospermia) it may be necessary to look more closely with a blood test at the male genetic profile… Read more

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Testing

A single sperm contributes all the genetic material (DNA) required to make one half of an embryo. The other half of the genetic material… Read more

Anti-sperm Antibodies

The presence of Anti-sperm antibodies (ASA) in the semen can reduce the chances of natural conception. Antibodies can cross from the blood into the semen… Read more