“Being a proud male, and having no kids at the time being told I had testicular cancer was quite scary. One thing I didn’t consider was my fertility. I was desperate to have family and wanted to have kids. These things need some planning. We plan all sorts of stuff in life; buying a house, buying a car, what clothes to wear. We probably don’t give as much thought to planning our families”

– Steve Parry – Olympic swimmer & founder of Total Swimming

Steve Parry Olympic Swimmer

“The difference between boys and girls is that boys are sperm factories, we have all the ingredients in our bodies to make sperm every day of the week. Some days we are good at it and some days we are bad at it. It takes about six weeks to make a sperm and as we get much older the quality does go down. Women are different they are egg warehouses. All the eggs are stored in the ovaries and made ready to go. A woman can’t get more eggs and she ovulates them each month until the supply runs out, so her eggs age with her.”

– Charles Kingsland – Professor of Reproductive Medicine

Dr Charles Kingsland Private Fertility Consultant

In this episode on male factor fertility we speak to Olympic Swimmer Steve Parry and Professor Charles Kingsland, who is an expert in everything men need to know when considering their own fertility.

Steve Parry won Olympic Bronze in the pool at the Athens Games in 2004. Steve was a fit and healthy athlete in his prime. Steve suddenly though had his own fertility brought into question out of the blue and he shares his very personal story.

After fertility training in Cambridge and London in the late 1980s, Charles Kingsland founded the Hewitt Fertility Centre in Liverpool with the aim of providing the highest quality NHS service within the United Kingdom

Charles has become one of the world’s outstanding fertility specialists, much sought after for lecturing and speaking, and was awarded a Professorship in 2012.

Post the Tokyo Olympics we speak to Professor Kingsland to help us understand all of the important fertility issues to consider as a man as we touch on diet, lifestyle, exercise and fitness.

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