It’s a very isolating experience to go through infertility, and it changes you so much when you are going through it. When I was doing my treatment it was like holding my breath.

– Nikki Turner

Nikki Turner Fertility Nurse


Nikki joined the Oxford Fertility team in 1995 as a fertility nurse and has worked at Oxford fertility for all of her career. Nikki has over 25 years’ experience caring for people with fertility difficulties and has led the nursing team in Oxford since 2015.

Nikki always realised she wanted to have children herself but knew she may face fertility challenges as her husband Russ had previously had a vasectomy. They knew they would probably need to embark on IVF treatment to fulfil their dream of having a family.

Nikki and Russ started their 1st cycle in 2000, and went on to have 3 cycles before welcoming twin girls in 2002. The fertility journey is not always smooth but Nikki gives us a unique perspective both as a patient and a fertility nurse.


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