Success Rates with Donor Eggs


Now the good news is that if you do have independent factors that may be causing you problems with your IVF success, such as repeatedly failing your cycles, perhaps due to a very deplete ovarian reserve or significantly advanced maternal age, or perhaps as well poor sperm quality, these are things that IVF can perhaps help with in the form of donation.

Many older patients that have repeatedly difficult and failed cycles without success may use donor eggs as part of their treatment. And in the same way, men with very poor sperm quality may opt to use donor sperm to try to improve and influence their chances of success.

Now, whilst the biology of the egg and the sperm is so important to every couple coming through for treatment, eventually, some couples will look at this in a different way and may consider sperm or egg donation as a way to improve their chances of conception and starting a family. And we know from lots of research that the nurture of a child is as important as the biology of the egg and the sperm.