Stopping the Contraceptive Pill


If you’ve been using contraception for a number of years and are watching this for the first time, quite a lot of anxiety exists around that chance of conception and your fertility returning as contraception comes to an end. Contraception is a great way to prevent pregnancy by hormonally suppressing ovulation in the normal hormones that control and regulate the menstrual cycle.

There’s been quite a lot of research obviously looking at the normal return of menstrual cycles after stopping the combined pill. And it’s nice to see that almost 50% of women will begin their normal natural cycle of ovulation within 30 days of stopping the pill. And by 60 days, almost two months later, almost 95% of people will also have started to ovulate more naturally. Compared to traditional methods like the condom to prevent pregnancy, obviously using hormones to suppress ovulation, it takes a little bit longer for the regularity of cycles to return and for natural ovulation to return. But overall, over a six month period, there isn’t a great deal of difference between the time it takes for normal ovulation to return from using condoms compared to hormonal methods.