Introduction to Natural Pregnancy


How long it takes to fall pregnant

Understanding how long it should take you to fall pregnant is a really important part of trying to get pregnant naturally. There’s often quite a lot of misconception around this, and so I want to take this opportunity to talk about some of the studies that have been done in this area, looking at the length of time it takes to naturally conceive.

Now, the important things that the studies have looked at show us that actually advancing age is also important and actually when you’re younger, the times of falling pregnant is often a lot quicker than when you are older. One of the studies that’s looked in detail at this followed the successful pregnancy rates with just one cycle of trying.

This was shown to be around 30% to 35% of couples under the age of 37 would fall pregnant with just one cycle. This falls if you’re not successful in that first. And that continues to reduce to just around about the 10% to 15% chance per cycle at six months. So at around about six months of trying, 65 to 80% of couples will have fallen pregnant, and at around a year of trying 80% to 90% of couples will also fall pregnant under the age of 37.

This is helpful because it gives us an idea of when a couple should be looking to investigate their fertility and find out if there’s anything wrong.