How to Choose a Fertility Clinic

It can be difficult deciding where to have your fertility treatment. Whether undergoing IVF for the first time or considering freezing your eggs, if you are self-funding treatment it will be a sizeable financial investment in your future. The most important consideration for couples or individuals is how can they access the best fertility clinic to get the best chance of success.

Fertility treatments can get quite involved and require a number of appointments at a clinic over a few months and so there are multiple factors to consider when choosing your clinic. See our article on Top tips when choosing a fertility clinic.


The reputation of a clinic and the services they provide is probably one of the most important factors to consider. There are a number of different ways to access this information but it can be a confusing and difficult area to research. Total Fertility has tried to bring as much of this information to you as possible in one place.

“Costs, Success Rates & Quality of Care”

A couple spending money on treatment will consider the price but this is not always the most important factor. The success of the treatments they are undertaking and also the quality of the care they will receive is paramount. Across the UK clinic prices and success rates vary. Some clinics are performing above the national average success rates and some are more expensive than others. Identifying the clinic that is right for you does not need to be a challenge.


Fertility treatment may involve a lot of travelling. Some fertility centres run ‘satellite clinics’ in your local area. A satellite clinic functions differently as it will not usually have a laboratory on site and therefore only some aspects of your treatment such as appointments, blood tests, nursing appointments and scans will happen there.

“Satellite Clinics”

Satellite clinics can be convenient for patients as it means you only travel to the main fertility hub when you are having procedures performed, such as an egg collection or embryo transfer. Always check where the main fertility centre is located though as this may involve a lengthy journey.


The location of clinics and satellite clinics in your area can be easily identified with our search tool. Search now by entering your postcode and deciding how far you wish to travel.

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