At-Home STI Test Kit

Order this reliable home STI test kit and receive results within a few days. Delivered in discreet packaging & approved by doctors. Tests for 8 STIs.

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Yoxly STI Test Kit Review

How a Home STI Test Kit Works

*If choosing a Yoxly Home STI Test Kit

  1. Choose the at-home STI test that suits you – Yoxly kits test for up to 8 STIs. Choose a test kit which current your level of risk and sexual activity.
  2. Order your STI kit online – When placing your order online, be sure to provide accurate answers & details in the private, fully secure form.
  3. Wait for your STI test kit to arrive within 48hrs – It will be in a discreet, unmarked package and will include a detailed instruction leaflet, a postage-paid return envelope, and what you need to collect your samples.
  4. Collect your sample(s) at your leisure – Depending on your sex, you may need to provide more than one sample to ensure accurate results.
  5. Post your sample – Post your samples to our lab using the enclosed, pre-paid envelope. It is important you post your sample on the same day you collect it for the lab to accurately analyse and provide results.
  6. Sample Received Confirmation – Yoxly will notify you by email when they have received the sample and being to test right away.
  7. Quick and accurate processing and reporting – The results are usually ready within a few days after the lab have fully completed all testing and analysis under guidance of the Care Quality Commission and UKAS.
  8. Professional Medical Review – After your sample has been analysed, the results will be further confirmed by a licensed medical professional to ensure accuracy.
  9. Your Results – Once confirmed and certified, we will notify you that your results will be available to you via your secure My Yoxly portal.