Home Male Fertility Tests


The popularity of men’s home fertility testing kits for male fertility has grown in recent years, particularly through-out the Covid-19 pandemic. Being able to supply a sample of blood, saliva or semen in the comfort of you own home before sending this off to the laboratory for analysis has revolutionised some aspects of testing. Home test kits are often the first step on peoples journeys to discovering their fertility or sexual health.

Listed below are a number of popular fertility tests by Exseed Health and LetsGetChecked which are available to be ordered online, undertaken at home and analysed either at home or sent away to the lab. We also have some cracking discounts for both companies which you can read more about below


Home Sperm Test Kit 

Exseed Home Sperm Test

The ExSeed Home Sperm Test measures the Total Motile Sperm Count. This is the total amount of sperm cells moving forward per ejaculate. This number is one of the best predictors of male fertility because it measures the amount of sperm cells that could possibly reach the egg after intercourse. The number is made up of the three measurement volume, concentration and motility.

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Chlamydia Gonorrhoea Home Std Test

Home STI Test

Our home STI / STD test to detect the 2 most common infections; Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea with online results in 2 to 5 days.

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