Male Home Fertility Tests

The two best options depend on what do you want an at home sperm test kit for? If you’re just curious about your basic sperm health and movement, the ExSeed smartphone solution is perfect for you. If you’re trying to conceive and want a lab-based test from the comfort of your own home, with in-depth results you can take to a fertility consultation, Mojo is your better option.

Mens Home Sperm Test Kit by Exseed

ExSeed Home Sperm Test Kit

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2 Tests – From £72.25 (with 15% discount)

5 tests – From £127.50 (with 15% discount)

10 tests – From £186.99 (with 15% discount)

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  • Includes everything you need to test your amount of motile sperm cells.
  • The ExSeed device turns your smartphone into a microscope that allows you to record your sperm cells.
  • No need to visit a clinic as our system analyses the quality as accurately as in a lab.
  • The kit includes 2, 5 or 10 tests.

Mojo Home Sperm Test Kit

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Standard Test – £126.65 (with 15% discount)

Advanced Test – £169.15 (with 15% discount)

Advanced & Consultation – £194.65 (with 15% discount)

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  • The only lab-based test you can take at-home home
  • Your results include overall sperm quality, semen volume (ml), sperm count (millions), motility (% that swim) and up to 18 additional biomarkers.
  • The “Advanced” test comes with a complete lab report, including comments from an andrologist. Consultations after test results are also available.
  • Analysis with a state-of-the-art AI-driven microscope, developed with top clinicians in the UK, leading to 97% accuracy.
  • 97% accurate results within 48 hours after sending your sample to Mojo’s lab.

Why use an at-home sperm test kit?

The popularity of male home fertility testing kits for male fertility has grown in recent years, particularly through-out the Covid-19 pandemic. Being able to supply a sample of blood, saliva or semen in the comfort of you own home before sending this off to the laboratory for analysis has revolutionised some aspects of testing. Home test kits are often the first step on peoples journeys to discovering their fertility or sexual health.

Listed below is the most details about Exseed Health which is available to be ordered online, undertaken at home and analysed either at home or sent away to the lab.

Exseed Home Sperm Test

The ExSeed Home Sperm Test measures the Total Motile Sperm Count. This is the total amount of sperm cells moving forward per ejaculate. This number is one of the best predictors of male fertility because it measures the amount of sperm cells that could possibly reach the egg after intercourse. The number is made up of the three measurement volume, concentration and motility.

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DIY Sperm Test Kit 2 Samples
2 Test Kit – £84.99
With saving – £72.25

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DIY Sperm Test Kit 5 Tests
5 Test Kit – £149.99
With saving – £127.50

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DIY Sperm Test Kit 10 Tests
10 Test Kit – £219.99
With saving – £186.99

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More about ExSeed Health Sperm Analysis

ExSeed are the only male fertility test for count and quality with a personalised lifestyle intervention program.

ExSeed want to empower people to take informed decisions about their health and lifestyle. Infertility is as much due to problems in the man as in the woman. Therefore, it is very important that the man tests his semen quality and thinks of his fertility status when starting a “project baby”.

The most important examination regarding the male is analysis of the seminal fluid. This is where the ability of the sperm to move and how many sperm are produced per ml are measured. With the ExSeed test, which has a state-of-the art technology of semen analysis, it is now possible to analyse sperm at home in privacy. In addition, through the ExSeed app, the user receives personal counselling and lifestyle programs to help increase sperm quality and increase the changes of becoming pregnant faster.

What is included in the test kit package?

ExSeed analysis device
5 x collection cups and lids
5 x sample slides
5 x wipes
Instructions for Use
Access to the ExSeed Health App

ExSeed Sperm Test Kit Unboxed

What does the ExSeed Health App provide me?

  • 15 min free consultation with a fertility coach
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Customised lifestyle programs for sperm quality improvement
  • Sperm quality and lifestyle overview as a report which you can send to your doctor
  • Easy overview over the fertility clinics near you
  • General informative knowledge about semen quality and lifestyle

Should I choose the 2, 5 or 10 tests packages?

Since sperm quality can vary naturally, we recommend you to test twice – about one week apart, to establish the baseline. Use the remaining tests whether from the 5 or 10 test kit packages to track your sperm quality improvements over time, spaced one month apart.

More Information

How to use the ExSeed Home Sperm Test Kit & App

How accurate are the ExSeed Sperm Analysis Kits?

In a clinical study comparing the results of the ExSeed semen self-test to certified laboratory equipment, ExSeed obtained a correct classification in over 95% of cases for the measurement of Total Motile Sperm Cells (TMSC) in a semen sample.

Accuracy for the sperm cell concentration per mL has been tested in the range of 5M/ml to 125M/ml. If the test repeatedly shows less than 5M/ml, we recommend that you seek further medical consultation. If the test shows more than 125M/ml, it means that you are in the very high range. The test result in this range may be presented with less accuracy”.

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