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Home Fertility Tests

A number of fertility tests can be undertaken at home using a recognised home fertility testing kit. These testing kits are available for both women and men and are ideal if you are:

  • nervous about visiting a fertility clinic
  • at the early stages of investigating your fertility for future family planning
  • don’t have the time to visit a clinic at this stage
  • due to Covid-19, prefer the idea of a home fertility test
  • just prefer being in the comfort of your own home at this stage.

Men’s Home Fertility Testing Kits

Mens Home Sperm Test Kit by Exseed




ExSeed Health Home Sperm Test


  • Receive 15% off using the discount code: totalfertility15
  • Includes everything you need to test your amount of motile sperm cells.
  • The ExSeed device turns your smartphone into a microscope that allows you to record your sperm cells.
  • No need to visit a clinic as our system analyses the quality as accurately as in a lab.
  • The kit includes materials for either 2 or 5 tests.

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