“Having an understanding of the huge number of hormones that affect performance of fertility and menstruation was just something I wasn’t aware of.”

– Ellie Kormis

Ellie Kormis Pole Vaulter


In this two-part episode on Sports and Exercise and female fertility and pregnancy, we speak to Great Britain Pole Vaulter Ellie Kormis who spent over a decade training at the elite level and competing at major championships

Then, after an 11 year career as an athlete which saw her become British Champion, and represent Great Britain numerous times, she transferred to the world of Coaching & Teaching in 2008. Since then, Ellie has coached multiple athletes from a wide age range to championship winning performances at national level, and onto international teams including the GB U18 Team, and GB Junior Team.

Ellie always knew that she wanted to have children and start her own family after nurturing the athletic careers of some many athletes. Ellie reflects on her time in sports and how she spent many hours training to reach peak performance but also how this can impact on your hormones, your body and what you need to be aware of when thinking about starting a family.

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