Fertility Awareness Week

Fertility Awareness Week

2nd – 5th November 2020

Created by the Fertility Network UK, the Fertility Awareness Week aims to promote awareness for fertility issues suffered by 1 in 6 couples in the UK. It was started by RESOLVE, a non-profit organisation dedicated to infertility advocacy and support, in 1989.

Over the 4 days, we will discuss and provide information on each of the following four key areas:

Monday 2nd – Fertility Inequalities

  • Dr Ed Coats hosts a short IGTV video on “Fertility Inequalities” – Watch Now
  • Information on “Finding your CCG”
  • An overview of “What does IVF cost”?
  • Highlighting our recent article “Success Rates Explained”
  • “Top Tips Choosing a Fertility Clinic”

Tuesday 3rd – Mental Health & Fertility

  • Kelly Da Silva on “Coping with fertility treatment” – Watch Now
  • “IVF and Covid”
  • “When IVF doesn’t work?”
  • We discuss “Dovecote” – which focuses on enabling and inspiring people facing involuntary childlessness to reconnect with their daily lives and rediscover a passion and purpose.

Wednesday 4th – Male Fertility

  • Today is about highlighting “Male Fertility”
  • “Male Fertility MOT”
  • “Optimising Sperm”
  • “Male fertility – FAQ’s”

Thursday 5th –  Fertility Education

  • “Fertility Education”
  • “Educate yourself on supplements”
  • “Educate yourself on Add ons”
  • “Educate yourself on Lifestyle”

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