Concepta PLC (LON:CPT) has successfully launched in the UK its myLotus testing product for women’s fertility.

myLotus measures a woman’s personal luteinizing hormone (LH) during ovulation and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone level during pregnancy, facilitating higher conception rates and early diagnosis of fertility issues.

The myLotus home-test device allows women to identify their optimal fertile days thereby improving their chances of naturally getting pregnant.

The profile and sales of the myLotus device are just commencing but feedback from early users and fertility bloggers has been very positive, Concepta said.

“We will be raising awareness of the value of the myLotus device and its window on fertility over the coming months via an increased online presence, Key Opinion Leaders and marketing of our initial fertility case studies,” said Matthew Walls, the chairman of Concepta.

Private clinics provide a range of Fertility Tests if you prefer to see a medical professional.