Is Total Fertility a fertility clinic?

No. We collate all the information we have access to, to provide complete listings of fertility clinics across the UK including details on location, treatments, costs, success rates and contact details.

Why did we create Total Fertility?

With the unfortunate reduction in funding for fertility clinics on the NHS, more and more people are having to turn to private fertility clinics and pay for their treatments. Being able to compare fertility clinics in your local area quickly and efficiently will allow you to make an informed choice and get the best treatment for your money.

Do we list every fertility clinic in your area?

We endeavour to list every fertility clinic but some may ask to be removed or choose not to advertise with Total Fertility on an ongoing basis.

Does the website cost individuals or couples anything to use?

No. It’s completely free.

Does the website cost private fertility clinics to advertise on?

No…. not for the first 3 months. After that trial period there are two packages to choose from to get the most exposure to people searching for clinics in your area. If you choose neither then we will leave the name of the clinic on but no other treatment, birth rate, cost or contact information.

Why advertise my fertility clinic?

We appear highly in Google Search Engine rankings for local and national fertility clinic related search terms. This means you gain extensive exposure to people looking for private fertility clinics in your town and county.

As a fertility clinic wanting to advertise, how long is my listing live?

After the 6 month free trial period, payment is for an annual subscription to feature on Total Fertility.