“Give yourself the time to make this decision through careful research. Ask about different countries, look into different clinics and find the clinic that suits you best.”

– Mr George Christopoulos

George Christopoulos Ark IVF

Mr George Christopoulos is the Medical Director of Ark IVF in Athens, which offers individualised, one-to-one, Consultant-led care to international fertility patients.

George is accredited as a Sub-specialist in Reproductive Medicine by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, London.

During his 15-year-long career in the UK, he has worked as a Consultant in Reproductive Medicine at University College London Hospital and he is currently an Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London.

In this episode we will find out everything you need to consider when exploring having your fertility treatment abroad.

We speak to an expert in the field with many year’s experience caring for patients choosing to have fertility treatment outside of the UK.

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