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Fertility Clinics in London

There are over 30 London fertility clinics so choosing the right one for you is always going to be tricky. With a population of a little over 8.7 million, the market for IVF and other treatments is substantial. Whether you're looking for a fertility clinic in London that offers NHS funded treatments or private treatments, compare the listings on this page to help make the right choice.


IVF – ICSI – Surgical Sperm Recovery – Egg Freezing – Embryo Freezing – Consultations

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FAQs about London IVF Clinics
How many fertility clinics in London are there?
As of 2023, there are over 30 fertility clinics and satellite clinics in London.

Which of the biggest fertility groups have clinics in London?
Both Care Fertility and The Fertility Partnership (TFP) have major fertility clinics in the London.

Which fertility clinic has the highest success rates in London?
The Assisted Reproduction and Gynaecology Centre ARGC clinic has had the highest pregnancy and live birth rates per cycle started since it was established in 1995. This is based on the HFEA data released in 2021 for 2019 period. The results are consistently around twice the national average.

What are the benefits of having IVF at a clinic in London?
The transport links, not only with regard to major train terminals but also the 3 main London airports means it's easy to travel to clinics for consultations, scans, egg transfer etc when undergoing IVF.

Is there a fertility clinic in West London?
Yes. The Evewell Fertility Clinic West London in Hammersmith is conveniently located 10 minutes from Hammersmith underground station, 30 minutes from London Heathrow and on the A4 for easy access from Buckinghamshire and West London.

How much does IVF cost in London?
An initial consultation is usually from £250 excluding a scan (from £200), with an IVF cycle starting at £3500 excluding medication (from £1000).

Where can I have Egg Freezing in London?
Most clinics in London offer egg freezing. It costs approximately £6000 and includes tests, drugs, egg retrieval and egg storage for the first year.

Which is the best fertility clinic in London?
It is difficult to suggest one clinic over another due to the differing requirements of a patient but two clinics which have some of the highest IVF success rates are The Evewell Fertility Clinic (West London & Harley St) with 47% of babies born per embryo transferred for Under 38 year olds and the ARGC Clinic on Upper Wimpole St with 33% of babies born per embryo transferred for Under 38 year olds.

Where can I find NHS Advice on IVF in London?
The NHS and HFEA both provide a lot of information on IVF and fertility treatments in London