In the UK, we rely heavily on foreign donors. Our number one source of sperm in the USA with Denmark coming a close second. In general a third of all registered sperm donors were foreign in 2013.

The reasons for the attraction of Danish sperm, according to Peter Reeslev, CEO at Danish sperm bank Cryos, the desirability of the Danes’ physical features is a key consideration when choosing their sperm.

Mr Reesley went onto say; “The reputation of Denmark when it comes to health, environment, or education levels, is rather good. ‘Viking’ sperm and genes make for attractive Danish donors,”.

“There are other sperm banks around the world that the British could use, but there is a Viking connection with Denmark that people warm to,” he said. “There is a level of kinship, which, combined with the Danes’ willingness to donate, makes for an ideal place to go to for many prospective patients.”

A thought of why donating in Britain is less popular is also that we’re naturally a rather prudish and reserved population and therefore men find it more of a struggle to embrace the notion of donation.

CEO at the European Sperm Bank, Annemette Arndal-Lauritzen said; “There is no stigma about donating in Denmark,”. “We have had a very sexually liberated culture since the 70s, and sperm banks have existed for decades – whereas the British may be less familiar with the idea. Here, the prospect of donating is seen as an altruistic way to help.”

Many IVF Clinics in the UK work with sperm donations to give patients the best chance of success of pregnancy.