Understanding Fertility


What you’ll learn from this online course

In this course you will learn about what is required to conceive naturally. Perhaps you are worried about your fertility, or have been struggling to get pregnant. If you are thinking ahead and planning a pregnancy then this introductory course will answer important fertility questions you may have. We aim to increase your understanding and awareness about reproductive health and answer commonly asked questions that will help you. We cover important topics such as: How to get pregnant? What factors can make it hard to get pregnant? How does age affect fertility? What are the chances of getting pregnant naturally? When should you have sex in your menstrual cycle? When should you see a doctor if you are not getting pregnant? What fertility treatments can help you get pregnant?

Course syllabus – 5 lessons

Reproduction & biology
Getting pregnant naturally
Barriers to pregnancy
Diagnosing fertility problems
Fertility treatments

What is included

5 lesson videos
Accompanying course notes
Email access for any follow-up questions

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