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What you’ll learn from this online course

The lifestyle choices we make can influence our chances of natural conception. It is important to look at the evidence on which factors affect male and female fertility. What we eat and drink may impact on both eggs and sperm and affect our chances of natural conception. Making the right choices about alcohol, caffeine, exercise and the foodstuffs we consume is important when trying to conceive. We look at the environment around us and what factors have been linked to fertility problems and dispel the common myths. We look at body fat and fertility and whether taking additional fertility supplements really makes a difference to our chances of getting pregnant. Whether you are actively trying to conceive or thinking ahead this should update you on all the important factors you need to consider.

Course syllabus – 8 lessons

Lifestyle factors and fertility
Body Fat and Fertility
Smoking and Fertility
Alcohol and Caffeine and Fertility
Exercise and Fertility
Food and Fertility
Supplements and Fertility
Environmental toxins and Fertility

What is included

8 lesson videos
Accompanying course notes
Email access for any follow-up questions

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