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What you’ll learn from this online course

In this course there are several lessons about fertility and reproductive health. Firstly we take a look at how the body changes during puberty for boys and girls. We learn about the female menstrual cycle, how eggs are released and which hormones are involved. When do boys start to make sperm and how this changes through your lifetime. We look at what is considered normal and when to ask for help. Once the ovaries start to release eggs then you could become pregnant if you have sex. We look at how to prevent pregnancy from happening but also how to plan a pregnancy when the time is right. 1 in 7 people may struggle to have a baby so we look at what factors affect your fertility as you get older. Sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) are common and can reduce your chances of having a baby, so we talk about different types of infection. Whether you are heterosexual, transgender or in a same-sex relationship it is important to have a good understanding of reproductive health. Modern families today are created in so many different ways and we look at all the issues that affect us. Today fertility treatment can help all sorts of different people in different kinds of relationships to have a baby. Our short lessons aim to educate and empower you so that when you are ready you can take control and plan your families in the future.

Course syllabus – 9 lessons

The body during puberty
Female menstrual cycle
Preventing pregnancy
Planning a pregnancy
Factors affecting fertility
Sexually Transmitted infections
Modern Families (LGBTQ+)
Planning fertility
Fertility Treatments

What is included

9 lesson videos
Accompanying course notes
Email access for any follow-up questions

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