Embryo Transfer


What you’ll learn from this online course

The embryo transfer is the final step in an IVF treatment cycle. It involves putting the embryo back into the womb. It is the final critical step that will take you closer to that much wanted pregnancy. In this course we look at what is involved with the embryo transfer procedure and the different techniques and protocols used in fertility clinics. We look at the evidence for both fresh and frozen embryo transfer cycles and whether to replace one or two embryos in the womb. We learn about at the implantation window and how different protocols are used to prepare the womb’s implantation window to receive an embryo.

Course syllabus – 5 lessons

Embryo transfer in IVF cycles
Single or double embryo transfer
Fresh or frozen embryo transfer
Natural or Medicated frozen embryo transfer
Dispelling the myths

What is included

5 lesson videos
Accompanying course notes
Email access for any follow-up questions

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