Egg Freezing


What you’ll learn from this online course

Egg freezing has come a long way since its initial conception, allowing patients to remove eggs ahead of fertility ending treatments and preserving their egg fertility for use in the future. The development of rapid egg freezing (vitrification) as a technique has made this option increasingly reliable, making it popular with women who want to protect their future family planning decisions with respect to social or career reasons. While egg freezing can be an effective way to ensure fertility, it is not without its issues. It must be noted that there is still no guarantee egg freezing will work for all women, so care should be taken when considering this path as an insurance policy. Understand more about the process with our online course on egg freezing.

Course syllabus – 6 lessons

What is egg freezing?
Should I freeze my eggs?
Freezing eggs or freezing embryos?
When to freeze your eggs?
What are the risks of egg freezing?
Egg freezing costs

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6 lesson videos
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