Although not being featured in the national guidelines or having any proven affect on success rates, being too old or overweight is being given as a reason why males are denied IVF on the NHS.

An audit of 195 CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) by Fertility Fairness found:

– 27% of clinics used a man’s BMI to determine if a couple could be referred for IVF.
– 8% of clinics only provided IVF for men under 55
– 91% of clinics refusd IVF on the NHS if the couple have a child from a previous relationship

Raj Mathur, a consultant gynaecologist and Fertility Fairness member said that “Male age and BMI are not in the Nice guidance as criteria for IVF and there is no strong evidence of impact on clinical outcomes of IVF,”.

The study also found that the majority of NHS CCGs choose not to offer the full three IVF cycles; the recommended clinically effective and cost-effective approach for infertility.

Number of IVF Cycles offered of 195 CCGs audited

– 3.6% of CCGs had removed NHS IVF entirely
– 40% offer one partial cycle, transferring a finite number of embryos
– 20% offer one full cycle, transferring all viable fresh and frozen embryos
– 23% offer two cycles.
– 13% offer three cycles

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