This is the first case registered in the Reproductive Unite of Gutenberg Centre (URE Centro Gutenberg) , located in Málaga, Spain.

A woman, who was 37 years old when she suffered breast cancer, vitrified her eggs before receiving chemotherapy treatment. Seven years later, after the disease has passed, this woman has been able to be a mother thanks to the work of the doctors of URE Centro Gutenberg.

This has been possible, because the frozen eggs were inseminated with spermatozoa of her partner, and then this patient was implanted with the embryos to achieve a pregnancy. Now, at the age of 44, she is the mother of a two-month-old baby whose gestation has been carried on normally.

Egg freezing or vitrification is a technique for preserving fertility, which consists of stimulating woman’s ovaries through a hormonal treatment, through ovarian puncture in the operating room. The mature eggs are then vitrified (quick freezing) and kept in benches intended for the purpose, in perfect condition.

The aforementioned patient had undergone conservative surgery prior to her appointment at the Reproductive Unit of Gutenberg Centre in order to remove the tumour she was suffering from. The patient was pending chemotherapy treatment at that time.

Doctors decided to undergo a treatment of vitrification, since the patient presented a good physical and gynaecological condition, without other medical contraindications. Now we feel proud to say that the treatment has been a complete success.

Egg Donation in Spain is becoming an increasingly more popular choice with UK patients due to the shorter wait list and stricter anonymity laws.