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Choosing the fertility clinic that is right for you does not need to be a leap into the unknown. We know it can be a frustrating and confusing time hearing that you need to start fertility treatment. There is a lot to consider when making those initial steps of deciding where to have treatment. Total Fertility is here to help make your decisions feel a little easier. We understand there is a lot of information to process so we aim to take away the stress with our clinic comparison tool. We are the first platform to display clinic locations, success rates, costs and most importantly of all quality of care.

Whether you are starting a family, freezing your eggs or helping a friend explore their options make sure you invest some time first with Total Fertility. We want to make your job simple by removing that overwhelming feeling of uncertainty people get when embarking upon treatment. Total Fertility helps you stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends, with interesting articles and blogs on fertility topics written by experts. Our information section and glossary explains about different treatments and terms and will help you understand what it means for you.

Whether you are NHS funded or self-funding IVF treatment, it is important to know exactly what you are getting in return and how that compares in different clinics. We cover all locations across the UK and compare all registered fertility clinics in a chosen area. Comparing the prices and success rates of treatments in each clinic may help you decide where to invest your money. Take time to decide and weigh up all the pros and cons before choosing which direction to go. Why not start right away? Select your area and compare what your local clinics offer. You might just be surprised by what you find.

Total Fertility helps you make an informed decision about your treatment. Everything has been designed with the patient in mind so invest some time now and make the right decisions for your future. The Team at Total Fertility.

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The City of London & East London Fertility Clinics

Leaving the shops, bars and stylish streets of Marylebone behind, if you head towards the City of London there is a cluster of fertility clinics on the East side of town. These clinics make an ideal locations for those requiring IVF and working in the City of London or travelling into London from the East side of London.   Around the corner from London Bridge Station is the long-established Guys & St Thomas’s Hospital Assisted Conception Unit. Yacoub Khalaf and his team at Guys are well known for their expertise in Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) both in the UK and across Europe. PGD is a specific type of IVF treatment that helps people with an increased risk of having a child with certain genetic conditions. Over 1000 babies have been born from successful PGD treatment at Guys.   The Shard is one of London’s more breath taking landmarks. Inside the Shard are hotels, restaurants, bars and a rather convenient IVF satellite clinic. The Lister Fe…
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Fertility Treatment Abroad

Taking the decision to self-fund fertility treatment is a big step but making the decision to travel abroad takes careful planning and preparation. It has been a frustrating past year for those wishing to travel abroad to Europe and further afield for IVF treatments. The attraction of travelling abroad for treatment is that the costs are lower and the availability of treatments, such as egg donation, can be easier to access. The Coronavirus pandemic has severely restricted foreign travel and many people have been paralysed by the changeable travel and quarantine rules. Traditionally the popular European destinations for fertility treatment are Spain, Greece, the Czech Republic and Cyprus. As travel restrictions look set to continue through the summer and into the Autumn, many seeking treatment abroad may have their plans curtailed. The current restrictions have been a real barrier to patients travelling as the UK government currently advises against all but essential trav…
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Central London Fertility Clinics At A Glance

This is the first in a series of articles looking at fertility clinics in London. Our focus is to help connect you to the best fertility clinics in Central London. The Marylebone area traditionally has several of the UK’s top fertility clinics with some of the highest success rates and top doctors in the speciality. Despite this there are a number of clinics to choose from, which can make the prospect daunting.   London is so well connected with transport links that means getting into and around the city can be really easy. A number of people living in London, the South-East and the home counties commute or work in Central London, which can make getting to appointments convenient. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic many more people are working remotely and from home, so travelling to essential medical appointments around London is now even easier.   London has around 30 fertility clinics and some have been established for many years. In the central ar…
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