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Choosing the fertility clinic that is right for you does not need to be a leap into the unknown. We know it can be a frustrating and confusing time hearing that you need to start fertility treatment. There is a lot to consider when making those initial steps of deciding where to have treatment. Total Fertility is here to help make your decisions feel a little easier. We understand there is a lot of information to process so we aim to take away the stress with our clinic comparison tool. We focus on clinic location, success rates, costs and most important of all quality of care.

Whether you are starting a family, freezing your eggs or helping a friend explore their options make sure you invest some time first with Total Fertility. We want to make your job simple by removing that overwhelming feeling of uncertainty people get when embarking upon treatment. Total Fertility helps you stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends, with interesting articles and blogs on fertility topics written by experts. Our information section and glossary explains about different treatments and terms and will help you understand what it means for you.

Whether you are NHS funded or self-funding IVF treatment, it is important to know exactly what you are getting in return and how that compares in different clinics. We cover all locations across the UK and compare all registered fertility clinics in a chosen area. Comparing the prices and success rates of treatments in each clinic may help you decide where to invest your money. Take time to decide and weigh up all the pros and cons before choosing which direction to go. Why not start right away? Select your area and compare what your local clinics offer. You might just be surprised by what you find.

Total Fertility helps you make an informed decision about your treatment. Everything has been designed with the patient in mind so invest some time now and make the right decisions for your future. The Team at Total Fertility.

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London, Lockdown and Lessons from Covid-19

As lockdown eases and the UK economy restarts, fertility clinics are also starting to return to normal. What exactly is the new normal though? It remains something that many of us are still trying to figure out. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), the UK regulator of assisted conception treatments, has drawn up specific criteria that clinics must meet before they can reopen. Any clinic that is now open will have passed these rigorous HFEA assessments to be able to offer IVF treatment to patients safely.   Just weeks after the initial government announcement of a UK-wide lockdown the Health Secretary declared that IVF treatments could resume. This news will have been a surprise to some and a great relief to many. There has naturally been a strong recoil of patients keen to continue with their treatment. Waiting for even just a few days in a fertility journey can feel like months. The emotion and pain of subfertility does not fade during a global c…
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Dr. Ed Coats Features on Channel 4 NHS Heroes: Fighting to Save Our Lives

Total Fertility co-founder Dr. Ed Coats features in the upcoming Channel 4 documentary, NHS Heroes: Fighting to Save Our Lives, this Wednesday the 6th May at 9pm. https://youtu.be/JLG0SmYTpqA This special documentary follows a number of NHS workers both at home and at work as they continue the struggle of balancing home lives and their hospital duties during the Coronavirus pandemic.
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IVF Treatments to Begin Again After Lockdown

Just announced in the last few hours, fertility clinics will be allowed to open again after the 11th May following the suspension of all treatments on 23rd May. The fertility regulatory body the HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority) will first need to be assured that each clinic, both NHS and private, can provide safe and effective treatment including restrictions with regard to social distancing and the effective use of PPE. Increasing the number of fertility treatment related consultations performed over the telephone or via video consultation is an obvious avenue to pursue for IVF clinics across the UK to minimise face-to-face interactions. We will update this post as we learn more.  
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