9.baby is a network of specialist fertility clinics, spread across Italy, with a central hub in the city of Bologna, at the Centre for Reproductive Medicine ‘Tecnobios Procreazione’, and a brand new Centre for Woman Health in Cattolica (Rimini), named ‘Extra Omnes’.

9.baby were established in the early 90’s and have been looking after fertility patients for more than 30 years. Their first centre, in Bologna, was founded by one of the Italian pioneers of Assisted Reproduction, Professor Carlo Flamigni, who dedicated his career to this subject.

9.baby clinics, take care of people, on the road to having a baby, and through whatever difficulties and obstacles they may have to face. The clinicians and laboratory’s specialists are ready to help identify the best way forwards, and to help their patients have the baby that they so desire.

They combine the latest technologies, established protocols, and of course care and compassion to create the essential ‘ingredients’ to get the recipe right for each couple. Every couple who wants a baby may need the help of science to let the stork fly: we are here to give couples all the help they deserve.


Treatments & Costs

IVF – £tbc

ICSI – £tbc

IUI – £tbc

TESE – £tbc

Egg Freezing – £tbc



Andrea Borini

Dr.Andrea Borini is a Gynaecologist specialising in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, He is the director of the 9.baby Family and Fertility network in Italy.

Andrea has an MD degree (1986, Bologna) and a specialisation degree in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (1991, Bologna). He got a Master Degree in Andrology (2007, Padua) and Reproductive Medicine (2009, Padua). Since the early 90s he has worked with the pioneers of IVF: with Ricardo Ash in the USA and in Bologna with Professor Carlo Flamigni.

Dr. Borini is Past Chairman of Italian Society of Fertility, Sterility and Reproductive Medicine (SIFES e MR) and CECOS Italy; he is a member of American Society Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), of European Society Human Reproduction (ESHRE), of International Society for Fertility Preservation (ISFP) and of Italian Society for Fertility and Sterility (SIFES-MR).

Dr. Borini is member of the editorial board of Fertility and Sterility and associate editor for Reproductive BioMedicine Online, Peer review for JARG, EJOGRB, Human Reproduction and HR Update. In 2014 he has gained the MERCK – SERONO “Grant for Fertility Innovation” for his research project “IR Microspectroscopy on GCs: a new non-invasive oocyte assessment”. He works everyday helping couples reaching the goal of having their baby.

Customer Testimonials

“Professionalism, kindness, compassion… tank to 9.baby and to their science we had our little girl. Someone may call her a miracle, but I think science and the équipe have made the real difference. Thanks for your help”. Chiara, Padova, January 2020

“I really advice all the infertile couples to rely on 9.baby, for their super kindness, their continuous willingness to be available to us,  and the grace they show dealing with patients. Thanks in particular to Dr. Borini and his staff, he is very kind, educated and professional and always ready giving help, advice, or at least telling a kind word. Well done, guys, you are an excellence!” Margherita, November 2020:

“I wish to send my sincere thanks, with my whole heart: my husband and I succeeded in becoming mum and dad only thanks to you and the équipe of 9.baby. Thanks to each of you, because each of you has been a fundamental element of our path: embryologists, MDs, staff… everyone cares, everyone helps. It is nice to have around people who cares about you and the baby you are looking for!” Yalda, September 2019

“Thanks 9.baby: with your work we had a ‘beautiful blastocyst’ we now call Pietro. Thanks for everything, we barely find words and keep you in our hearts, for thinking and acting as if we had a chance. Thanks for this great adventure called Pietro, that could not have taken place without your help.” Francesca, March 2018


Birth Rates

These success rates are broken down by age and the number of oocytes (eggs) retrieved:

Under 34

1-2 (6.5%) / 3-4 (12.2%) / 5-6 (21.2%) / 7-8 (27.7%) / 9-10 (33.1%) / 11-12 (38.4%) / 13-14 (38.8%) / 15-16 (44.3%) / 17-18 (39.1%) / 19-20 (51.8%) / 21+ (45.3%)

Age 35 – 38

1-2 (6.9%) / 3-4 (10.6%) / 5-6 (19.1%) / 7-8 (24.2%) / 9-10 (23.4%) / 11-12 (34.5%) / 13-14 (35.8%) / 15-16 (32.7%) / 17-18 (43.4%) / 19-20 (39.5%) / 21+ (49.1%)

Age 39 – 42

1-2 (2.9%) / 3-4 (7.4%) / 5-6 (8.8%) / 7-8 (14.2%) / 9-10 (13.7%) / 11-12 (21.4%) / 13-14 (21.2%) / 15-16 (32.3%) / 17-18 (18.6%) / 19-20 (22.7%) / 21+ (23.3%)

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Data Accuracy: Correct as of January 2022
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